• Alex


    25 years old, Kaliningrad

    The "champion" among the participants of the project - the first time he tried drugs at the age of 13.

  • Anatoliy Nesmiyanov

    Anatoliy Nesmiyanov

    36 years old, Magadan

    First tried drugs at the age of 15 since then Anatoliy has been drugs systematically. He had been treated in Magadan rehab clinic.

  • Andrey Kroshanov

    Andrey Kroshanov

    33 years old, Moscow

    His friends call him Kroshan, however Andrey would like to participate in the project using his real name.

  •  Victor Malleker

    Victor Malleker

    30 years old, Bonn

    Married. Has 5 year old daughter. His favorite holiday is Christmas because the whole family gathers together for the celebration. He used to do sports and fishing before started using drugs.

  • Gleb Antonov

    Gleb Antonov

    23 years old, Seattle, USA

    As a child, Gleb wanted to be a paleontologist, to explore the remains of dinosaurs. When he grew up, he started loving the speed, beautiful cars and drugs ...

  • Ekaterina Antipova

    Ekaterina Antipova

    27 years old, Magadan

    She tried her first drug at 17 and since then she has been using drugs every single day.

  • Irina Anisimova

    Irina Anisimova

    28 years old, Moscow

    She tried opiates at the age of 18. Irina got addicted to drugs immediately and can not get rid of it herself.

  • The Italian

    The Italian

    39 years old, Moscow

    The Italian, this is how friends address him.