Andrey Kroshanov

Andrey Kroshanov

33 years old, Moscow

Andrey got used to the fact that his friends call him Kroshan, however he would like to participate in the project using his real name. After serving in the Army Signal Corps and receiving a dual education, he began to work as a driver. Three years ago, he got married and according to him that was the best moment of his life. Does not consider himself superstitious, however, he never walks under the standing ladder. Until drugs appeared in his life, Andrey did horse riding and Sambo. He is currently unemployed. And his biggest dream is to get cured!

This is what he wrote in the form: "Sick and tired of waking up with thoughts on how to get money, where to obtain drugs and this goes from day to day. I start my searches for a dose in the early morning and come back in late evening. I stopped finding time for my wife and thus I have my relationships worsened."

In fact, it was his wife who noticed the advertisement inviting volunteers to participate in the Dr. Life project. After different treatments, Andrey hopes to be completely cured and start a new healthy life due to the Professor Nazaraliev treatment method. "I hope to start a new drug-free life, to perceive life as it is with all advantages and disadvantages! To learn to overcome my problems without drugs, to be happy for any given day naturally!"

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  • Addison   18.09.2012, 23:05
    If a person has a dream and motivation to get cured, he definitely will!!!! As a psychologist, I would say that this guy is far from being confident in himself, what he and the rest of the participants need is a professional care and support and love of their relatives!! I hope that this reality TV Doctor Life will really help them all!!!!!

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