The Italian

The Italian

39 years old, Moscow

The Italian, this is how friends address him. Indeed he is the real Muscovite. He has never been to Italy and now he is just dreaming of visiting it and working there. He likes the architecture and the mentality of Italy. He has his favourite places in Moscow: Naberezhnaya and the Vorobiev montains.

His favourite films are Once upon a time in America, From dusk till dawn.
The new year is his favourite holiday. "Because it is celebrated by all people of the country, people are joyful, content and kind wherever you look at" – the Italian shares his thoughts.

The Italian admires with his friends who overcame addiction. He too wants to make a family, raise his own children. He regrets of this missed possibility though he is willing to try.

His biography is full of hardships: divorce, multiple criminal records for theft and possession of drugs, HIV positive status. His parents and close relatives know about his problems and support his desire to get rid of addiction. Drugs don’t bring pleasure and sense of euphoria to the Italian anymore. Today drugs are the main cause of his health problems and financial situation. He is confident that he will be able to recover from addiction during the Dr. Life project.

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