Irina Anisimova

Irina Anisimova

28 years old, Moscow

In Shapovo, which is 40 km from Moscow, Irina lives with her 8-year old daughter. Her shy nature daughter took after Irina. But in general, she is the exact copy of her father. It is hard to see, whether it’s true, since Irina's husband is in jail right now and will get out only in 7, 5 years.

Irina admits that if she ever came across the time machine, she would immediately return to the past. 9 years ago there were no drugs in her life.

Having tried opiates at 18, she got addicted to them and cannot get rid of this addiction on her own. The treatment in a professional clinic let her abstain from the drug abuse only for three months.

However, none of her close ones could accompany her during the process of treatment. Irina sincerely hopes that some of her friends will agree to spend a month at the medical Center of Professor Nazaraliev and help her on the way to recovery. After the treatment, she really wants to have one more child, this time a boy.

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  • Miranda B.   17.09.2012, 09:21
    She looks kinda aggressive! Irina, i believe in you, DO your best and leave everything behind! You have a little daughter who needs care and love right now, and look what you've done! Im not judging you here, i just want you to understand that you really MUST STOP!!!!

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