Anatoliy Nesmiyanov

Anatoliy Nesmiyanov

36 years old, Magadan

His last name does not reflect his character. Anatoliy tries to approach everything with humor. Even his pets, instead of the usual nicknames always got names of drugs. His last cat was lucky to be simply named Dasha. And to the question about the bright and happy moments of his life, he remembers 1 kg of heroin. "Seriously, it was the best time in my life!" - laughs the participant. The sensations that drugs cause, he compares with the inauguration of a president.

Anatoliy served in the Army of the vehicular troops. Worked as an operator in the gold mining company. Currently unemployed.

First tried drugs at the age of 15 since then Anatoliy has been using drugs systematically. He had been treated in Magadan rehab clinic.

Once he almost did get rid of addiction – he had a remission for three years. And then relapse took place again.

Anatoliy came to the Nazaraliev Medical Center with his mother. Together they both are overcoming the hard journey to recovery from drug addiction. But how the rehab process may be affected by the presence of his ex-girlfriend Ekaterina? It is known that the relationships between Anatoliy’s mom and Ekaterian are far from being called friendly.

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  • Colin   15.09.2012, 15:02
    Hahaha, he gives his pets drug names?!!!!! like "Cannabis"??!!! LOL :@ Crazy people live in Russia!

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