Gleb Antonov

Gleb Antonov

23 years old, Seattle, USA

As a child, Gleb wanted to be a paleontologist, to explore the remains of dinosaurs. When he grew up, he started loving the speed, beautiful cars and drugs ... He did not manage to finish the Business Academy. Instead of exams, he is preparing for the judicial trials because of the numerous penalties for possession of marijuana and for driving without a license.

He tried his first drug four years ago. He has been using drugs regularly for the past two years. He easily made a decision to participate in the project. He says that it is interesting, and that he is fed up with such life.

After the project he plans to pursue a modeling business or to be in the films, perhaps he will conquer Hollywood. According to his mother, he needs a strong motivation to succeed and to have a healthy life.

Nevertheless, a young guy with keen on racings, does he comprehend all the dangers of drugs to full extent? Will he be able to recover once and for all and estimate all the advantages of healthy lifestyle?

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  • Gleb Antonov   02.11.2012, 09:50
    Nice English Translation Doctor Life Employees......... Is it really that hard to translate when I say "that Grey Car has 250hp and the Black Silvia will have 600Hp when finished" where did squirrels come from lol and Seriously I HAVE NOT been smoking heroine for 4 Years lol i tried it 4 years ago for the first time and did it every so often. It really became a problem over the past year. Whatever you guys can SPICE it up for your "TV SHOW" don't matter, Its all in the past now. You guys did help me alot and im super thankful for the oppurtunity that i got. And if i was able to help at least one other person with their addiction that really makes me satisfied and happy inside!!!!
  • Dude   16.10.2012, 18:48
    Marijuana? That's not a drug...
  • Richard   15.10.2012, 19:16
    Had it all
  • Drifter   15.10.2012, 07:06
    Stop being an idiot and get back to drifting.
  • Brooke Walsh   18.09.2012, 23:14
    Aaaaw, he looks like he needs a big HUG! :)
  • Andrew   18.09.2012, 16:02
    He looks like he is gonna puke! :D Well, hopefully he will get over it! Bro, I'm with you!
    I've a friend in Seattle, he is also an addict....gotta show him this video! Someone please take my friend to Kyrgyzstan?! No kidding, I mean it!!!!
  • Arizona Robins   17.09.2012, 21:06
    He seem to not care about the project at all ((( He is kind of indifferent...He could do a lot more!!!! I truly feel bad for his mother!

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