Ekaterina Antipova

Ekaterina Antipova

27 years old, Magadan

Ekaterina was born in Palatka, where she lives up to this day. However, this small village in the Magadan region, named after the river of the same name, on the banks of which it stands, does not attract our participant. "It's boring here and absolutely nothing to do!" - Ekaterina, who dreams to move to St. Petersburg, says.

By the way, having a romantic personality, she cries each time when watches her favorite "Titanic". Once she worked as a saleswoman, practiced vocal, played basketball. And now because of the drug abuse, she almost does not go out, because again everyone will point at her, talk about her and give old-fashioned looks. Like most women, she wants a family and children.  

She tried her first drug at 17 and since then she has been using drugs every single day. Maximum duration of her remission reaches a week even in the conditions of Magadan rehab clinic where she underwent rehab three times.

Ekaterina’s mom left her home and job in order to come to the Medical Center of Prof. Nazaraliev, to support her beloved daughter, who finally decided to get rid of drugs once and for all.

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  • Preston   18.09.2012, 23:27
    God Bless You!!!!
  • fathima shaheema   18.09.2012, 17:52
    Ekaterina gud luck . be brave n have self confidence, we can do it stop n quit all da unnessesary things . pray for da god . LIFE IS SO BEAUTIFUL DEAR.
  • Meredith Grey   17.09.2012, 23:24
    Be strong, Ekaterina!!! You are such a cute young lady, you should start a new life and let this project be your new path!!!

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