Victor Malleker

 Victor Malleker

30 years old, Bonn

Married. Has 5 year old daughter. His favorite holiday is Christmas because the whole family gathers together for the celebration. He used to do sports and fishing before started using drugs. Nowadays drugs have substituted everything in his life. The only exclusion is his wife and daughter he will never change to anything. Drugs help him to calm down and obtain independency. However he is dying to be cured. He heard about high efficiency of the treatment method from his friends. He hopes other drug addicts will follow his example.

He was convicted for robbery in 1998. A criminal record for serious bodily assault in 1999. For blackmailing offenses in 2000. He was brought to police twice for the driving a vehicle without driving license in 2001.

For the last 18 years, Victor lives in the city of Worms. This is one of the oldest cities in Germany, before the arrival of the Romans, a Celtic settlement existed there. As you know, the Celts were one of the most warlike nations in Europe. Besides, the name of our participant speaks for itself. He's already a winner. Therefore he must not lose the battle with his own vices. Now Victor is ready to break bad to be cured from drug addiction. He sincerely hopes that clinic doctors will help him.

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