The World League “Mind Free of Drugs” carries out its 50–years long-term anti-drug program under the slogan "No hard drugs!” and pursuits the goal of forming a social matrix of conscious psychological immunity to drugs. The World League presents an educational TV Project Dr. Life composed as a reality TV devoted to drug addicts who want to be cured.

Eight drug addicts will undergo a complete course of treatment and after-care stage in accordance with the Prof. Nazaraliev's method at the Medical Centre of Dr.Nazaraliev (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan). The patients will be accompanied by their relatives, who will give their extensive support to the patients on their way to the recovery.

Usually, the patients of rehab clinics carefully conceal their vices and thus are treated confidentially. The participants of the Dr. Life project will appear in front of the world without hiding anything. Viewers will see all the treatment stages. The patients and their relatives will comment on their experience during the treatment process and talk about their drug addiction-related background, share their feelings, emotions, fears and dreams  in the struggle against their own depraved ego in the pursuit of their new happy life.

The tears of mother, hopes of husband, sufferings of an ill son, a drug addict wife... The project will show true life, it will be full of spontaneous drama. The project’s participants are ready to be sincere, honest, and open to the world. Is the world ready to listen, to understand and not to condemn them?