Andrei Kroshanov is dead

30.11.2013, 17:15

The finalist of a TV project «Doctor Life» Andrei Kroshanov is dead. Viewers will remember him as a purposeful and strong person, but at the same time a gentle and kind man. In autumn of 2012 he came to Medical Center of Dr. Nazaraliev, accompanied by his wife Olga, who found the announcement of a set of participants in the TV project and conducted the entire period of rehabilitation with Andrei. For the persistence and boundless faith in wife of the hero, the team of «Doctor Life» had named Olga the "Decembrist wife".  

Favorite Audience Award, and the words of encouragement which Andrei significantly received in his address: " Well, man , well done! Watched about your plot on Ukrainian TV - happy about it! We will continue to watch and see how it will turn out, we will be holding on to your fists. Do not let your wife down! "- sounded from "fans". And he never disappointed his fans in the final stage of rehabilitation with wounded legs after going 250 km through mountain passes to the Sacred Mountain of Salvation, Tashtar -Ata, the place of pilgrimage and penance addicts.

However, six months after his discharge from the clinic and complete recovery from drug addiction, the health of «Doctor Life's» hero deteriorated. They began to notice that Andrei is beginning to lose weight.  One day he felt very bad, they called an ambulance. At first it was confirmed to be tuberculosis and doctors even predicted that it is the open form. It turned out it was not tuberculosis, but it was micobacteriosis caused by dirty water, or animals, - said Olga when they were shooting the finals, the 20th series of «Doctor Life» - “A year later, the results."

"All sorts of complications pass, and everything is fine. Never did drugs again "- said Andrei, when the film crew came to see him in the hospital. By this time he has continuously been treated from a variety of diseases for the period of six months, changing beds in various hospitals. Having Immune system problems that have been observed even when entering the clinic of doctor Nazaraliev, he already knew that it was done by his own hands. I think it's time for Andrei to pay roughly for his negligent attitude towards his own health - explains Olga about the deteriorating health of her husband.

Until recently, Andrei and Olga did not lose hope for recovery. “We continue to struggle. We hope ... not only hope, I know that everything will be fine ", - says Olga. But death came suddenly, immediately after the 20th series of «Doctor Life» was aired. Andrei was 34 years old. The announcement of his death was confirmed, but Olga refused to talk about the details. "I will write about what happened with Andrew later.  It’s just hurts to remember and talk about it now! "- She wrote in response to our questions. We pass our condolences to Olga and Andrei’s relatives.

Andrei Kroshanov was a role model who struggle with addiction until the end and eventually overcame the addiction. His example will serve thousands of addicts coping and fighting with the illness. Warm and blessed memory!

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