16.10.2012, 15:30

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  • Lyamur_Mur   22.10.2012, 14:52
    Ohh come on again the same ... I wanna see action!!! for two episodes they are talkin about fuckin Italian! It's not such important issue to pay so much attention. I wanna see what is goin on with other guys, how is their rehab, etc.
  • Sima   22.10.2012, 14:31
    Fucken moron. C'mon Doctor, kick this Italian ass off the project!!!
  • Barbra_Streisand   22.10.2012, 14:25
    Kill the Italian!
  • Jenny   19.10.2012, 13:28
    B-O-R-I-N-G! Please get rid of this Italian!!!! he is bugging everyone in the project, including doctors...
  • Cucaracha   18.10.2012, 08:49
    In Spain we say 'iMierda!'That means 'shit'!
    The Italian is real CABRON!
  • Justin_Bieber   16.10.2012, 14:43
    A Mr.Black with drugs?! What a childish crap!
  • Andrea   16.10.2012, 14:31
    Agree with you guys, the Italian really must be kicked out!!!
  • Arizona   12.10.2012, 04:27
    Agh this Italian guy is soooooo annoying, he is the one who should be kicked out from the project! He got a great chance to be treated and he is soooo not using this chance! I mean perhaps there are so many people who really wanted to be on his place...

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