James Hartmann, Austria

James Hartmann, Austria

Honorable Member of Phenomenology Society and Existential Philosophy

He is an Austrian-American psychiatrist and existentialist philosopher. Having left the dean’s position, James Hartmann stayed to teach sociology as an honorary professor at the Medical College of Horney. He wrote numerous works on organizational analysis, sociology of culture and social inequality. He also worked as a visiting professor at Stanford University.

“It is hard to relax and stay true to yourself for people in modern society. I think that participants of the reality show “Doctor Life” are the real heroes, who are not afraid to uncover their faces and souls in front of the world. Because only the brave person can accept his own pain, go through it and finally relieve from it.

Doctor Life will show the essence of drug addiction to the modern youth without exagerration. How hard and scaring it is to go through all these hells. This project will support and inspire all the young people to fight with their vices. I believe in it. Struggle and be strong. No one, but You will be able to help yourself.”

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