Leopold von Bern, Germany

Leopold von Bern, Germany

Expert in narcology

The head of the Health Department of Gernsheim, Professor Emeritus of Kassel College and chairman of the drug squad of the federal state of Hesse.

“I always tell my employees that this problem cannot be solved with the one-sided approach. Everyone is sick and tired of flyers, brochures, social videos, promoting the abstention  from drugs – People already know this.

The youth needs absolutely different and new approach. Until the person sees the live action himself, he won’t trust you, being tired of mentor instructions, which he already has enough in his life.

I should say that reality show, initiated by the World League “Mind free of drugs”, will create a large resonance, since “Doctor Life” participants have no way to escape and this is their last chance. We don’t know who will wisely use this chance and who will quit. I would like to wish them inner power, resistance and control over their own desires.

I think that is enough to say.”

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