Maya Murofushi, Japan

Maya Murofushi, Japan

Model and Actress

She was born in Tokyo. He father is conductor and mother is an opera singer. Maya graduated from Siena University. The young lady started her career of model at MTV in Italy. She is the winner with the nomination - Miss World Pageant 2010.

1. What do you think about the project “Doctor Life”?

“In my opinion, this is a unique project, which influences both on participants and the TV-audience. Until that time our society tried to hide the facts about drug addiction in every possible way. I think that this project can provide a new approach in the treatment of drug addiction.”

2. Do you find this project educational?

“I think this project has a large-scale educational character. The reality show, in particular, will show the viewers what is going on in the lives of drug addicts. Because this documentary movie is based on the real events with the definite purpose, and this in turn attracts the audience. It is always interesting for the audience to witness what happens in the real life of people.”

3. Do you think the project participants will manage to get rid of their vices?

“I cannot say for sure that all of them will get rid of their addiction. However, within the framework of this unique project they will have an opportunity to recover, since almost the whole world is watching them. I hope that our audience will help them to pluck up courage in order to fight with their problem. Never give up, if you work hard, the success will find you!”

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