Omar Belgiti, Morocco

Omar Belgiti, Morocco


He was born on October 7, 1975. President and founder of the "Movement of artists and sculptors without borders."

In recent years, he is an active participant of various projects of the creative focus:

- Season 5 Salon du Cheval d'el Jadida.

- International Festival , Monastir (Tunisia). Back then, the International Museum of Monastir bought 2 of his paintings.

- Opening day of an exhibition at the Art Gallery “Art Session”

- Opening day of an exhibition of International Festival of Arts in France Sainte Eulalie en Born.

- The exhibition "Morocco and patriotism" in the Salon Lounge Culture la Minaudire

- Collective exhibition of the second season of young talents, Casablanca

- International exhibition in El Badi Palace, Marrakech

- Exhibition Salon Home Dyco, Casablanca

- Opening day of an exhibition "Hope" in the Galerie d'art Kais

- Exhibition stand at the Salon du Cheval d'el Jadida, Season 4

- SMILE Morocco 2011

- Personal exhibition at the House of Culture Sala El Jadida

- Salle d'exposition Mohamed Hajji

- Exhibition at the Youth Festival “Festival de sal”, organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

- Wall murals, Morocco.

- Collective exhibition for the Association of Friends of the National Institute of Oncology, Rabat


In one of the interviews, Mr. Omar Belgiti talked about his attitude to the TV reality project "Doctor Life» (Doctor Life) and to the international anti-drug movement:

What do you think about the TV reality project "Dr. Life"?

- Excellent project. It allows you to understand and, therefore, makes it possible to break the vicious circle.

Does the project’s concept shock you?

- I am pleasantly surprised by the concept of the project and I’m confident that it will give hope to the younger generation!

How, in your opinion, the French-speaking audience would react to the show?

- Positively! This reality show addresses the issue from a scientific point of view and helps to reduce the negative social consequences!"

Do you think that the "Doctor Life" project can be useful in terms of information for the prevention of drug addiction, as well as from a scientific point of view?

- The project allows focusing on a social issue, which is often deliberately suppressed, but influences on our daily lives, unfortunately, more and more. The project is useful, because it can improve the quality of life of people at risk. It offers them a chance to get out of the dark tunnel, promotes drug prevention for future generations!

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