Treatment ends with the pilgrimage to the Mountain of Salvation starts at the foot of the Ala-Bel mountain pass. The patient needs to overcome the long route of 250 km within 5 days with ‘the load on one’s mind’ behind one’s shoulders.  The grueling path is aimed at understanding of the patient himself as the strong personality, self-actualization, gaining confidence in his own strength, realizing the responsibility for his actions.The patient is accompanied by an instructor and therapist that play the role of outsiders and when necessary the role of assistants all along the way.

The conditions of transition, landscape, physical workouts described above become the background for a pilgrim, who is immersed into his inner world, and hour by hour, step by step, transforms it, getting rid of his own weaknesses.Get rid of the feeling of guilt, his weakness, and mistrust in oneself, misleading fantasies, all that filled his inner world when he used to be a drug addict.

The ascent to the "Tashtar Ata" Mount of Salvation and the release of the ‘the load on one’s mind’ that was with pilgrim all along his route. Stone flies to Barrow. A pilgrim finally throws his overwhelming emotions, and starts to cry unashamedly turning to the heaven "I'm clean! I am free! ". This is the ultimate goal of pilgrimage - a spiritual cleansing.

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