Therapeutic concept

The Nazaraliev method. The basic principle of therapeutic concept of the method is holistic (from the Greek Holos - whole), i.e. therapeutic manipulation of all the nosotropic components of the disease: physical, mental and social.

Drug addiction and alcoholism treatment are aimed at quick and pain-free relief of physical addiction, recovery of physical health to stand for the first part of the therapeutic concept. Second, the most important part of the concept is aimed at removing psychological dependence, restoring the integrity and stability of the mind, reconstructing the personality of the patient for a full re-socialization.

In its therapeutic concept the Nazaraliev method possesses another important distinguishing feature. The patient is hospitalized with a person close to him - codependent person, who bears neuropsychiatric problems because of long-term stresses. During the treatment of drug or alcohol addict, codependent person is not only undergoing psycho-correction of his own problems, but psychotherapy course coupled with the treatment of drug or alcohol addict. The Nazaraliev method is designed to correct family relationships, change attitude toward the disease, to obtain skills of post-hospitalization support.

Thus, the Nazaraliev method in accordance with its therapeutic concept follows tripartite psychotherapeutic alliance - the doctor, the patient, codependent person to provide up to 83% of the annual remission when drug and up to 92% - when alcohol addiction.

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