Stress-Energetic Psychotherapy (SEPT)

Upon termination of 2 previous stages of the treatment following the conclusion decision of the medical commission the patient may be allowed to undergo a session of stress-energy therapy (SEPT). The whole process of the preparation for SEPT and his conduction take three days. After psychotherapeutic conversation, both with patients and with accompanying person, the patient receives a "premedication" lasting 3 days. The displacement and destruction of the source of pathological determinant structural connection causing mental drug addiction is taken place during the SEPT session.

The aim of imperative neuroinduction is to remove pathological drug or alcohol addiction through the rise of the personality, the revival of strong-willed "I". Drug addiction can’t be eliminated without psychological resurrection. Stress-energy therapy provides a stable setting of the patient on long-term remission and self-confidence to resist drug-related relapse in any environment.

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