The life of a man is an entwinement of possibilities, some of them are missed and some are fulfilled by us…Only one event from thousand really sticks into our mind, now it’s the event. You’ve got the chance that will change you. Life or slow death, there isn’t any alternative. You’re the chosen one and life provided you with the right to determine on your future.  

The sacred plate with your name and the promise not to miss this chance that gathered all the pain of a drug addicted person will be installed in the stairs leading to the Tashtar-Ata Mountain of Salvation. This ritual is the way of proving the Tashtar-Ata Spirit Keepers and all the society that you have stepped on the path of recovery.

Tashtar-Ata is the chronicle of human fates, complicated and tragic recorded in 250 thousand stones brought by pilgrims. Every stone keeps the record of failures and resurrections told by addicts. Handmade Barrows implored by hermits, ascetics and dervishes will aspire pilgrims to pass the route to salvation to the end, and four balbals (rock sculptures) that guard the Barrows will keep your sacred mysteries once and for all.

Your will and hope of salvation will be the main weapon. But do remember that you are not alone. The crew of professional doctor from the Medical Centre of Doctor Nazaraliev will help and support you in the struggle.

You are the real hero that will pass this route of coming back to life using the given chance hundred-per-cent!