Edil Abyshkaev

Edil Abyshkaev

Head of the Intensive Care Unit, resuscitation anesthetist

He is not afraid of pain. Out of 25 years of the medical experience, for 13 years he has worked in the clinic of Professor Nazaraliev, as a resuscitation anesthetist. He entered the Medical Insitute against the parent’s will. His father – a historian, and mother – a teacher, couldn't change his mind. Apparently, having witnessed the death of a close relative, the impression went too deep in a child’s memory.

Amusing, but frequently dangerous cases in his practice happen almost every day. Once after the infusion, the patient's blood pressure decreased. As a result, he had a mist and could not see anything. The panic attack started immediately. Having called the doctor to his room, he abruptly took the gun from under the pillow. When the nurse entered the room, she reacted to the situation immediately. In accordance with doctor’s instructions, she injected the medication to a patient. After that, the patient's blood pressure stabilized and sight recovered. As it turned our later, the gun was not charged.

He can rest from his hard work, while taking care of his grandchildren and playing chess.

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