Yulia Vassil

Yulia Vassil

Psychiatrist-drug therapist

Any examination on criminal slang she will easily pass with a maximum grade. She is even personally acquainted with many criminals. During the 13 years of work at the Nazaraliev Medical Center, where she started to work right after the graduation from the Institute, she had to deal with different patients. Since her grandfather was a dentist, Yulia wanted to become a doctor from her early childhood. Today, she admits that she loves her job and nothing in this world can force her to give it up.

Addicts come to treat under her supervision from different parts of the world and sometimes even with the whole families. The former patient brings his brother, brother brings his nephew, nephew brings his friend and so on and so forth. She perfectly deals with all of them and also keeps in touch after the treatment. She remembers almost all the patients and never condemn none of them. She is absolutely sure: “This can happen to anyone!”

Besides work, she is fond of music. She graduated from a piano class of the music school.

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