Elchibai Dzhunusov

Elchibai Dzhunusov

Head doctor of the clinic, narcologist, psychotherapist

At the age of 12, he already knew how to give injections. To be specific, he rather helped his veterinarian father to vaccinate animals. Since childhood, Elchibai was attracted by the fact that doctors are expected to help people. When it was the time to choose college, he entered the Medical Academy without any doubts. He has 19 years of professional experience, 14 out of which are devoted to his work in the Medical Center of Dr. Nazaraliev.

One day after the "blockade" procedure, the patient, a former jailer with 25-year experience of drug addiction, having confused the Doctor with a jailmate, forced new prisoners to give 100 rubles, and 500 from everyone else. Doctor had to play along, and a day later they both made fun of the whole situation.

If not a doctor, he could become a diplomat. He can easily smooth conflicts out and always find compromises. Nothing can be worse for him, when the patient has no desire to be cured. His life motto is: "Never give up and always be optimistic!"

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