Elmira Satybekova

Elmira Satybekova

Doctor, psychiatrist-drug therapist

Her profession she is indebted to Gorbachev. As a result of the anti-alcohol campaign launched in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Sergeyevich, when all the forces were sent to fight alcoholism, her career choice was quite obvious. That's how fate brought her to narcology, where she worked for 26 years. 17 out of them she worked at Nazaraliev Medical Center.

An optimist - it's totally about her. If not a doctor, she would easily become the master of ceremonies and event manager. She likes to bring together large companies and activities.

Her positive nature always help her in work. Different situations occurred over the years of her practice. For example, she used to treat the patient, who was himself a young doctor and worked in the ambulance service. Started to use drugs because of his older brother, a drug addict. After the course of treatment, he managed to quit and returned to work.

Her favorite quotation is: “Don’t be too sweet, otherwise you will be eaten. Don’t be too bitter, otherwise you will be spitted out”.

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